Meet Alex

Alex Karlinski grew up in the Roaring Fork Valley and is excited to be back home cooking in the valley she loves. With a stint in both the music industry and financial services, Alex decided to follow her passion and move to Apricot Lane Farms, an organic and biodynamic farm in Southern California recently featured in the documentary The Biggest Little Farm. While always passionate about cooking and quality ingredients, it was here that she was able to train under numerous chefs, get her hands dirty in the garden, and cook daily with the abundant ingredients that the farm produced. It was truly a farm to table experience, with each day offering new ingredients to cook and experiment with. She truly appreciates what goes into raising the food we consume and holds the ingredients, and the farmers and ranchers who raise produce them, with reverence.

While on the farm, Alex also realized the relationship to how we feel with what we put in our bodies. She always sources the best ingredients (local, organic, grass-fed and seasonal whenever possible), makes most everything from scratch, and doesn’t compromise on quality. She has experience with a number of diets, food intolerances and nutritional protocols and can easily craft a menu to meet those needs. She believes that food is an opportunity for people to gather, converse, and appreciate what they have. She looks forward to putting together a menu for your next occasion!